Vitor Belfort is one of the most exciting in MMA at the moment. After losing to Jon Jones last year he’s had 3 impressive knockout victories in a row. All his victories have come with powerful and stunning kicks that daze his opponent. When they are dazed he rains down with thunderous punches that knock out the opponent and end the fight. 

I really hope Vitor Belfort gets the next title shot against the winner of the Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman fight. I think he has a very legitimate chance to be the next UFC middleweight champion no matter who he has faced. Yes I know he lost to Silva a couple of years ago, but Belfort is truly a different fighter no. He looks almost unstoppable and other than Silva, Weidman and maybe Jacare Souza I don’t think anyone has a chance against him in the Octagon cage.

The video above contains some of Belfort’s awesome highlights. He knocks Rockhold to the ground with one of his impressive and powerful leg kicks. Then he follows up with some punches and other striking. I’m definitely looking forward to his next fight no matter who it is. I hope it’s sooner rather than later!

The Rise in Popularity of Mixed Martial Arts

There are so many popular sports in the US right now, but I think the most exciting one has to be Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The growth of the sport over the last decade has been tremendous and it continues to rise at a meteoric rate. Now that Fox Sports has made a serious commitment to the UFC, I think it’s only a matter of time before the sport becomes completely mainstream.

Will MMA reach the levels of other US sports like Football, Basketball, Baseball and Hockey? I don’t think it will reach those levels, at least not while the biggest shows are on pay per view. But I think it has a real chance to be a serious contender at the #5 sport in the US within 5 years and possibly even get bigger than sports like Hockey in 10 years.

MMA blends so many different styles of fighting together. Unlike traditional martial arts, MMA fighters need to possess a wide range of skills from wrestling to boxing to Jiu-Jitsu. Fighters now are trained in various disciplines like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Boxing, Kickboxing and more. These wide range of skills make every fight interesting and different from the next.

The sport is also completely unpredictable as certain fighters styles can neutralize the advantages their opponents have. For example, if two wrestlers go into a match you may expect a wrestling bout. However, because both fighters are good at wrestling, it often can turn into a striking match with heavy punches and kicks being thrown. This makes MMA fights so fun and exciting.

Even women are getting involved in MMA now. The UFC has added a 135 pound division for women and its champion, Ronda Rousey, is arguably one of the top 3 biggest stars in the sport. The UFC also is discussing adding another 115 pound women’s weight class, which continues to demonstrate how popular the sport has become.